Motivating the Troops

Motivating the Troops

I may be a manager, but they don’t pay me the big bucks because I rally the troops. Actually, they don’t pay me big bucks. But the reason they pay me at all is because I’m practical, and figure out how to make sure things happen. They do not pay me because I inspire people to want to make things happen.

Except, my staff now thinks I’m an inspiration. Rather, one of the my staff thinks so after our regular Friday check-in:

Me: How are you doing?

Staff: Ugh..I’m crawling out of this week.

Me: Better to be crawling out than in!

Him: I guess.

Me: Definitely. If you’re crawling out of a coal mine, you’re headed toward light. If you’re crawling in, you’re headed toward possible death through suffocation due to a cave in.

Him: You’re right! Thanks for the motivating speech! I’m ready to work now!

And he turned around and went to it.