An Election Story: The End

An Election Story: The End

The election is over.

No votes have been cast. Polling booths remain locked up in silent warehouses, still waiting to be shipped out. Campaigns are shifting into high gear, thinking they have five days to go.

But it’s all over.

Today, I gave out the last of the money. Just over 38 million – and it’s already as good as spent. Gone into posters and leaflets and people to hand them out. Expenditures made to convince the voting public that one person will lead them to heaven and their opponent to hell.

By today, those who are voting know which circle they’ll fill in. Those who don’t know won’t make it to the polls in time. The results are as good as in.

We’ve all made our decisions. To pay, to spend, and to vote.

The election is over. Good work and well played.