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There are two kinds of Fascists: those who give orders and those who take them. A popular base gives Fascism the legs it needs to march, the lungs it uses to proclaim, and the muscle it relies on to menace-but that’s Fascism from the neck down. T create tyranny out of the fears and hopes of average people, money is required, and so, too, ambition and twisted ideas. It is the combination that kills.

from Fascism: A Warning by Madeline Albright

An Odd Couple: Those Who Measure Herring

An Odd Couple: Those Who Measure Herring

There are even various discrete units included [in Encyclopedia of Scientific Units, Weights, and Measure: Their SI Equivalences and Origins], such as the perfect ream, which is 516 sheets of paper, and the warp, which is four herrings; it is used by British fishermen and old men at kiddush.

– from The Half Life of Facts by Samuel Arbesman