Mother’s Day: A Card

Mother’s Day: A Card


I love my mother. My mother loves being appreciated. I want my mom to be happy. My mom wants to hear from me. The path to making us all happy is clear: send a mother’s day card.

But it can’t just be any old card. My mom wants a card that says ‘This one’s for you!” If that exclamation point isn’t there, if the card isn’t screaming her name, she’ll still be happy. Just not as happy. I know because she told me. The first year we were apart for mother’s day, I sent her a card and she knew it had been designed just for her – or so she told me. So ever since I’ve been looking for cards which fit that pattern. Cards which my mom will love, like she does us. Through trial and error I found two criteria.

Firstly, there should be sparkles. There didn’t appear to be a difference between glitter, sequins, or beads. But if it didn’t sparkle in the sunlight – or reflect the glow of a mother’s live – then it isn’t worth the stamp it would cost to send.



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