Election Season Reading

Election Season Reading

Every election is alike; each election season is unique in its own tawdry way. There are, inevitably, reports of scandal and national service, reputations made and destroyed, and political blunders galore. This election, though, is different from any I’ve seen before.

This year, there’s a supreme court nomination in play.

This year, there’s a candidate with no political experience – whose policies are based on fascist theory and belief.

This year, a registered Independent – and self-described democratic socialist – is a mainstream candidate.

While this election is a three-ring circus the likes of which I’ve never seen, other people have seen it before. Rather, authors have imagined all of these scenes before. Novels – from last century as well as last year – have played out the political chaos known as an election from every angle. So, as I gear up for my Primary Election – and the rest of you get ready for the General Election – let’s learn from our literary political past to face our all too real future.



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