The Ice Ceiling

The Ice Ceiling

The clock stuck midnight and a winner was declared; “The Ice Ceiling” is officially the title of my project.

As a thank you for giving me a title, I give you the first assignment in the project:

Executive Summary

Many people feel that ice cream makes their lives worthwhile. For others, ice cream’s worth is what makes their livelihood. The population that enjoys ice cream remains stagnant, but the population of ice cream sellers has shifted in recent years. Increasingly, the people behind the counter – designing recipes, dreaming up marketing schemes, and strategizing for the future – are women. Women, across the globe, are making ice cream their business.

However, nothing comes with a cherry on top for the women of ice cream. Their growing numbers have uncovered the slimy underbelly of this delicious industry. The ice cream business, as we know it, was not made for women. Currently, worldwide, the business is organized by large corporations with vast distribution networks. Every few years, a new company – invariably lead by a man – takes its place in that established ice cream field. But women don’t want to work that way.

Women are not trying to take the ice cream world by storm, but with a gentle flurry. Rather than dominate the entire market, their focus is on specific niches of the business which interest them. What unites these female entrepreneurs is a mind-set: using their individual skill set to make the world of ice cream their own. The resulting businesses are as varied as an ice cream shop’s display case – socially-driven companies, custom-flavored pints, and local establishments. But they are united by a belief that utilizing their natural skills and interests elevate their ice cream game. These new ice cream queens – running subscription services, non-profit shops, and truck stands – share one element: their businesses appeal to both the owner and their self-selecting audience. Because these women know their ice cream, and know you do too.


One thought on “The Ice Ceiling

  1. “Women are not trying to take the ice cream world by storm, but with a gentle flurry.” = stuff of legends


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