Ice Cream: Name is the Game

Ice Cream: Name is the Game

Help is at hand. From you. I’ve been presented with a challenge and I need your assistance to succeed.

It started with my teacher. He is pretty smart, but he made one mistake. Though it’s his first time teaching, he’s managed to keep everyone engaged and productive from 8:15pm – 10:15pm, twice a week, for a month. That takes a force of will, sharp wits, and a drive to educate. He needs all of those to make it through a class, and the effort has worn him down so that he forgot one key ingredient to success – foresight.

Our teacher assumed that because we’re in a business communications course that we would want to focus on business issues – finance, marketing, account, or maybe management. So, he told us that for our final project we could deviate from the assigned topic – business issues in 2016 – and instead work on whatever topic we wanted. His instructions fell on hungry ears. Rather, I strained to hear his directions over the rumbling of my stomach. It’s no coincidence that my topic came to without any thought.

Ice cream.

I’ve written out my essay, cited my sources, and I’m nearly ready to lecture the class about it. But I have yet to choose a title. The story, as it has come together is about ice cream, women, and the challenges they face in business. From Rwanda to Milwaukee, women are selling ice cream in new and novel ways. And my classmates will be hearing all about it. To capture their attention – and an A – I need a title that hooks them from the get-go. Thankfully you’re here to provide it.




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