Friends with Peanut Butter Benefits

Friends with Peanut Butter Benefits

Today’s blog post is brought to you in honor of Special Corespondent Yaelle, Peanut Butter, and the letter J.

Dear Hannah,

I have an entire jar of uneaten peanut butter whose expiration date is today. It occurred to me that today might be the first time I bake in my apartment; after almost 2.5 years, I couldn’t hold out forever. You’ll be happy to know that your blog was the first place I decided to look for peanut butter baking recipes. I knew you’d have peanut buttery stuff. I was right–and I was so tempted by your “no bake” peanut butter-chocolate-oat dessert recipe…alas, I think I will have to bake my peanut butter so it doesn’t go bad. Onwards I turn, thinking of you, my fine friend.




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