Motto of the Month: June

“Attack the question,” was my father’s advice when it came to writing essays for school.

It was excellent advice in terms of fulfilling the word-count requirement. It was not as good when it came to winning over the teacher. Thankfully, my teachers always believed that my attacks on their questions were due to my creativity and ingenuity; none of them wanted to quash that. My grades reflected their approval. Effectively, I was rewarded for not answering the essay question.

That may be why, when I’m asked for tips on how to manage a schedule like mine – work all day, school all night, and everything else in between – I attack the question.

“What’s there to manage?” is my standard response. “I just don’t think about it. If you don’t realize that there’s something to manage it all seems to work out fine. As long as you show up where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there. And there’s no management there at all – set a Google event and you’ll know where you need to be next with plenty of time to get there.”

Attack the question. Works like a charm.



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