THEY CAME BACK: Return of the Fruit Cart


I’ve missed my local fruit cart. Through the long, cold winter, it was nowhere to be seen. But as the season turns and the birds flock north, my fruit car has returned to me.

Known for a three-block radius – the entire New York City neighbor where I work – this is the fruit cart to beat. Fresh and delicious produce, imaginative signs, and two friendly merchants. One merchant is friendly and doesn’t glare at me when I buy fruit, the other is overly friendly and once proposed to me. If the cart itself is a ray of sunshine, that merchant is a rain cloud who sometimes approaches me with a smile and walks me to the corner. Actually, the cart is a literal ray of sunshine – it’s parked in the only sunny spot on the block.

If you’re looking for me this spring, I’ll be basking in the sun across the street from my fruit cart, waiting for a shift change so I can buy produce without turning down a marriage proposal. If I’ve learned anything from my fruit carts, it’s that you should only negotiate one transaction at a time. Fruit first, marriage later.


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