Peasch is in the Air

Peasch is in the Air

In my family, by the time we’re clearing the house of chametz we’re also in the middle of bedikatz chametz. So, other people’s peasch cleaning is no indication, to me, of how soon peasch will be. I use a different metric: the shopping list.

When people pull out the peasch shopping list, I take note. Then I go back to my own chametz shopping. It’s only when they start buying the perishables on those lists that I sit up and get out my own shopping list. I pull out my list and find the nearest recycling bin. I then throw away that shopping list because I’m not going to make it to the store to buy that food, much the less eat it, before peasch comes.

I pitch the list on my way out the door. I’m on my way to sell my chametz because there’s no way I’m going to finish all the food I have stock-piled before peasch. Such are the downsides of always being prepared to eat. There are worse things in life – such as peasch cleaning.



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