Chipping In

Chipping In

I don’t keep potato chips in the apartment. One reason is that they have no nutritional value. The other reason is that I will finish a bag in under a week – by myself.

However, there are times when allowances can be made. Times when your spirit is low and your blood sugar is even lower. Final exam week is one of them. I told myself that I could buy only one bag – which came to 1/2 a bag per final – and then I’d return to a life free of exams and full of nutritional content.

So, since I committed to buying potato chips, I decided that the time for half measures had passed. Any potato chips which could even pretend to a redeeming value – corn chips with flax seed or quinoa – were not going into my shopping cart. It took me a few minutes in front of the chip shelf to pick out what my bag of chips would be. As soon as I saw them, I knew they were the ones: Trader Joe’s Salt & Vinegar chips.

At the register, the cashier was surprised at my selection. Not because the rest of my cart was fruits and vegetables – but because he’d never seen them before. I assured him they were right downstairs on the shelf, available to all patrons. He listed all the chips he knew they carried. I suggested that that perhaps these were new – and congratulated him on his fine memory. We pondered a moment in silence.

“Would you like to try some?” I suggested.

“Oh, well. If you don’t mind…” he said.

“Really, I’ve never had them before. I’d like your opinion,” I insisted.

“Thanks!” he exclaimed.

So while he enjoyed some  chips, I paid for my groceries. And before I left with the bag, he insisted I try some too. We both took a few. We agreed they were top-notch.


One thought on “Chipping In

  1. I love this story! I commend you on your good sharing skills and excellent choice in potato chip flavors. Salt and vinegar is an old favorite, but my most recent potato chip purchase (at a gas station on a road trip, you can buy whatever you want when you are at a gas station on a road trip) was jalepeno and cheddar. These were separate bags, but now that I think about it, that would be an excellent combo. maybe I will buy some jalepenos and top a baked potato with them and cheese.


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