Another Day, Another Book: Then Came Life

It always feels like I’m late to the party. I didn’t know what a donut was until I was seven. I had a phone for going on six years before I got texting. And I only found out a month ago that publishers may send you advance copies of books if you agree to review them.

Offering me books is like offering coke to an addict. I can’t say no. But I can say yes.

I signed up to review a few books, and was chosen for a copy of Then Came Life: Living With Courage, Spirit, and Gratitude After Breast Cancer by Geralyn Lucas. I wrote a review for the website that sent me the book, but for you, dear readers, I’ve done one better. I wrote you a haiku-review.


Then Came Life

Surviving cancer

Means suspecting its return

Trying to live free


If you too would like to book review, check out this site.



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