Life Lesson from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Never pick up a jar of pickles by the lid. There is always a chance that the last person who stuck their hand in the pickle jar didn’t screw the lid back on. Especially if you – the only person who eats pickles – always forgets to screw the lid back on.

Guess what just happened.

A moment after impact, I scooped the pickles back into the jar and screwed on the lid. Then the smell of brine hit me.

That’s when I panicked.

The roommates do not appreciate an avoidable mess. Especially one that smells. So I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the first bottle of cleaning fluid I saw, and starting spraying as I ran back to the still-spreading pickle juice. The resultant smell was…squeaky clean. I’d picked up a bottle of windex.

With the smell masked, I used paper towels on the worst of the mess – including the wall. I mopped half of the room. Then I sprayed a little more windex, sniffed, and was satisfied.

A minute later, a roommate walked past. I warned her to be careful on the newly mopped floor. She thanked me for the warning, and turned around. “Smells good,” she called as she walked back down the hall.


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