Coming Out of Retirement

Coming Out of Retirement

I had written my farewell to weddings. After several years and several dozen weddings, I looked up one day and realized my calendar was empty. It had been six months since I’d taken out my wedding purse and traveled to the ends of civilization – in this case, the end of the Q line – to a wedding. I’d been so caught up in election season that I hadn’t notice that my social schedule was blank. No engagement parties, no bridal showers, no wedding-related festivities at all.

Retirement from the wedding circuit hit me like a load of bricks. More accurately, it hit me like a load of bricks falling off my shoulders. I could breath easier, seeing a future of lazy Sundays spent not attending weddings and losing sight of the harried weeknights shopping for gifts.

To celebrate, I wrote a blog post.

I was still editing it when the request came in. The one I’ve been dreading all these years. The one where a friend asks me to be a bridesmaid.

Friends, I’m back in the game. My swan song will have to wait.



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