Fishy Birthday Wishes

Fishy Birthday Wishes

I don’t remember when I met Special Correspondent Derora. It must have been through my next door neighbors at seminary, since they were all good friends. I probably met her several times, and possibly exchanged pleasantries, but neither of us had made an impression on the other. Then, one overcast day, she came to visit my neighbors and they made soup.

I passed by their room, and was invited to join them for dinner. I kept them company in the kitchen, while the last few ingredients were being scrapped off the cutting board. A cutting board that looked a lot like this:

fishI found out it belonged to Derora. And then I decided that we should be friends. It took a little while, but we got there. At which point, I discovered that her excellent taste in cutting boards was the least of the reasons to be her friend.

Happy Birthday!

My gift for you is blessings for a year of goodness. And these handy-dandy tips for cleaning your cutting board.




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