School Dinner

I am the only one who eats in grad school. We sit together for 3 hours – during dinner time – and no one pulls out a nice salad, or hearty bean dish, or dessert. Except for me. I watch the clock till 6, then wait as long as possible before starting on dinner. I make it till 6:15. Then I begin my dinner, taking breaks to make notes, or answer questions, or rearrange my food so that I don’t trash my books. I take a break for dessert – because my first class ends before my dinner. Mainly because eating takes longer when your attention is focused on not getting sauerkraut on your neighbor’s ipad.

It’s possible that other people eat during the 10 minutes we have between classes. I once saw a Russian girl with an apple then. But it’s doubtful, since most of them make it to class before I do. And she might have just been using the apple for effect.

Which leads me to wonder if the rest of them spend their leisure time as starving artists. In which case, I really need to share my snacks.



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