Anywhere But Lakewood

Anywhere But Lakewood

Today’s post is courtesy of Special Correspondent Marissa. Though I couldn’t agree more.

My number one fear when opening a wedding invitation is that it will read “Lakewood” where the location should be. There is nothing worse than a Lakewood wedding. The wedding itself isn’t the problem, it’s the traveling. Traveling to weddings in general is a bit of a headache to arrange, but getting to a Lakewood wedding is a full-blown migraine.

Nothing compares to a Lakewood wedding. No one wants to drive there, no one wants to take a bus. No one wants to go there. It’s far, inconvenient, expensive, and just an inconsiderate place to hold a wedding. Even people who have cars don’t want to drive there because it’s so far, so they fill up any potential spaces in existing rides. I don’t live in New York, and I don’t know anyone nice enough to lend me their car to drive to Lakewood, so I’m stuck taking a bus. Taking a bus from New York’s Port Authority to Lakewood takes over two hours, and costs me more than I pay to travel 400 miles by bus. I could travel from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, or from New York to Philly in that amount of time. Once you get to the Lakewood you still need to hail a cab or get someone to drive you to the wedding hall, because nothing is within walking distance of the bus station.

If you want to get married in Lakewood, please don’t invite me, or if you must, can you just supply a mode of transportation along with the invitation?


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