First Guest Post- How to make a Princess Cake!

Let Them Eat Barbie Cake

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Let Them Eat Princess Cake!

Hello Dahlings!

I’m Dena and I love arts and crafts and baking birthday cakes.   These are not two separate things; a cake is not really a birthday cake unless there is some arts and crafts going on. This brings me to the princess cake I brought to N and B’s.

As you know, N and B have a daughter, so a princess cake would be the perfect birthday cake for their child.  Except that this cake was not for Baby G (who is not a baby anymore, or a watch that was the hot item when I was 12), but for N! If you have looked at the pics of the cake, this should not have come as a surprise to you because obviously I used this Barbie because of the resemblance to N: the blonde hair, the blue eyes, the hand-crafted flowered headband…

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