Eating Up the Pantry

At T minus 20 days till the move my pantry was bursting. All two shelves were overflowing – cans would fall every time I opened the cabinet door. And aside from those shelves, I had bags of flour and cans of beans stashed around the kitchen.  and under my bed. There was a lot of food. Including:

Dried and canned beans

Whole-wheat flour

White flour


Brown sugar and Powered sugar




Bread, bread, and more bread

3 kinds of vinegar


Flash forward to T minus 7 days and the pantry is 2/3 gone. Vanished. Eaten. Making a dish out of disparate ingredients is a gift, and I just might have it. Though apparently there’s a website that will do that for you, so if you have an internet connection it’s probably your gift too.

I’ll tell you how I did it. But first, I should note that my food stash, eaten up, it larger than my roommates’. Which is due in small part to the fact that the roommates don’t eat much, but mainly because I shop as though the end is nigh. For me and this apartment, it is.  So now is the time to stop shopping.



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