Trust the Hairdresser

My coworkers are a quiet bunch. But when something big happens – someone stars on a game-show, has a baby, or gets an extreme hair-cut – you compliment them. So recently, I expressed admiration for someone’s newly shingled haircut. My coworkerly duty complete, I started to walk away. She launched into a story.

Her: Yeah, I just got it cut. But then I went back and my hairdresser asked if I wanted to cut it short, and I said yeah.

Me, surprised that a conversation just started: Well, it came out well.

Her, brushing aside her bangs: I had the same cut three years ago. This time, when she was cutting it, I thought she was cutting it too short. So I started yelling at her ‘No! It’s too short!’

I tried to look sympathetic. She continued, embarrassed: She told me to stop talking and let her do her job. The coworker played with the tips of she hair and admitted: She was right.

Me: Wow. You must have a lot of faith in her.

Her: I’ve been seeing her since…I’ve known her longer than my husband.

Now that was an unexpected conversation.



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