Don’t Mess with the Waitresses

Don’t Mess with the Waitresses

My friends are the new campus couple. They’re now in charge of bringing the spirit of shabbos to Stern, and they’re excited. But, as with all new jobs, they want to make sure they start off on the right foot. So, in preparation for the first week, my friend asked me – a Stern shabbos veteran of 3 years – for the best piece of advice I could offer.

“Don’t mess with the waitresses.”

She answered my speedy response with hesitation. “Ok,” she said seriously “…what does that mean?”

“To rephrase,” I smiled, to lighten the mood, “sometimes you’ll think that you can do things better, or you’ll think that there’s a problem. When that happens at a meal, work with the waitresses. They’ve been around the know what’s going on. Not that you can’t change things – but if you want to, you need to talk with the waitresses; don’t order them around.”

“Ok,” she agreed warily.

I left it at that. A little fear is healthy when dealing with the waitresses.

Congratulations to Schwesty



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