It’s Not The It Gift

It’s Not The It Gift

When looking for a bridal present, never give the “it” gift. You know the it gift when you see it – the papers are buzzing about it and just everyone gushes about how it is absolutely divine. There’s only one problem: the now gift is so happening that everyone else has already made it happen. So don’t buy another for the couple who is drowning in the it gift of the moment.

The first step to avoiding being an it-gifter is to pin-point the it gift.

If it’s your first thought as the item that everyone has to have –

If it’s the object all your newly married friends have in triplicate –

If your friend has told you how much she hates the some many of the styles of –

it’s the IT gift.

The bridal couple, like yourself, can only use one challah cover at a time and they don’t need to add yours to their stockpile while they remain without a salad spinner. So stand down from the it gift, and pick a different perfect present. If you’re out of ideas, you could listen to my mom, my dad, or me. However, if you’re attending the same function as any of us, you’re going to need to forge your own path to gift greatness. Fortunately you have decades of former it-gifts, which have fallen out of favor.

Carafes: rarely needed, but easy to initial.

Personalized aprons: as in days of yore, buy 1 for the wife. Or embrace the modern era and buy 2.

Cookbook of the hour: Always changing. Go for one that’s 20 years out of date, and you’ll be totally retro.

Do I fee a slogan coming on? Don’t be re-gifted, be retro.



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