When are You Ready To Be a Parent? 24.

When are You Ready To Be a Parent? 24.

As we struggle up the hill with our groceries, we wonder at how grocery shopping has turned into a part-time job.
“I don’t know how our parents did it,” says Special Correspondent Ellen, shaking her head, then pausing for breath.
“They went grocery shopping and they had children at home. I find it hard to go grocery shopping and all I have at home is schoolwork; it’s a tircha for me.”
It’s true: every year I find myself spending more and more time grocery shopping.
She continues, “You have to buy all nutritious food, and the right sort in the right proportions.” I nod in agreement, wondering if my purchase of popcorn would be defined as nutritious.
As we crest the hill, we contemplate the difficulty of buying food to turn into balanced and healthy meals. Suddenly, Ellen turns to me and bestows the best present – an unexpected compliment; “You can do it Hannah, you’re ready to be a parent. You already buy the right amount of food and it’s healthy, and you pack a good lunch every day. You’re ready to be a parent.”
Thank you, Special Correspondent Ellen.

One thought on “When are You Ready To Be a Parent? 24.

  1. We all knew this already! Ability to snack-pack is THE parental capacity indicator, followed closely by intimate knowledge of price per gallon of milk at different gas stations.

    happy birthday, on whom!


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