When Life Hands You Chicken, Make Lemon Juice

When Life Hands You Chicken, Make Lemon Juice

Soap will never get the smell of raw chicken off your hands. I’ve tried. You can keep scrubbing – and feel free to use a variety of soaps – but that whiff of chicken will remain stubborn and present. I had resigned myself to that fact until Special Correspondent Yaelle’s mum came to visit.

“Ugh,” said Yaelle, smelling her hands after making a delightful pan of chicken. Or chicken soup. Or something nutritious involving chicken.

“You can get rid of that smell,” said her mum. My ears perked up. Yaelle stared. Her mum continued, “Just pour some lemon juice on your hands.”

Yaelle did so. Suddenly her hands smelled just like lemon pledge. In awe, we stared at her mum.

“Is there a way to get rid of the lemon scent?” wondered Yaelle aloud, sniffing her clean-smelling hands.

“Not that I know of,” answered her mum, continuing on her way, unaware of the light she’d shed on what we’d thought was an intractable problem.

It seems there’s a limit to even a parent’s knowledge. But at least I can ponder that while my hands smell of lemons.



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