For Posterity

For Posterity

Sometimes, experience is the best teacher. Other times, you need a parent. Moms and dads seems to have a secret source of knowledge – a common well of accumulated wisdom.

For a long time I thought that becoming a parent automatically gave one life skills. While time has debunked that myth for me, most parents I know do seem to have extraordinary insight. They have the sort of insight that makes life a little easier once you know them – things like how to measure the ripeness of fruit, how to get out stains, and when to file your taxes. These are the tidbits without which I couldn’t be a productive member of society.

While parents try to pass on their hard-earned wisdom to their kids, sometimes they fail. It’s sad, but true. However, even when they fail their own offspring, they can help others. Others, like their childrens’ friends. These tidbits on how to cut onions safely, what weather cockroaches like best, and when it’s time to ditch your favorite duds because the homeless wouldn’t wear them.

In gratitude to parents everywhere and in appreciation of their giving nature when it comes to advice, I dedicate this series on life lessons. Let’s call it For Posterity.



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