Believe You Me: The Way to a Blessed Day

Believe You Me: The Way to a Blessed Day

“Believe you me,” she starts the conversation, propping her purple-framed purple-tinted sunglasses into her curly hair, “you got to relax.” We arrived at the subway platform at the same time, she happily talking about the need for patience and me wondering if I packed enough snacks. She hasn’t seemed to be referring to me, as she’d been addressing the general company. I must have looked approachable, or in need of some verbal sunshine, as she moved in closer. “You come out of the elevator, and you missed the train,” she continues. “So what? Another train is coming. And it’s a beautiful day.” In reflecting on the beautiful day – which it is – I smile. My new guru, who has now moved to stand next to me, is smiling from ear to ear; “You should be happy,” she cheers.

“This man, he was on the bus with me,” she says, gesticulating toward her herself and then out into the whole wide world. By now we look like old friends, as she smiles glowingly and I nod haltingly though somewhat nervously. “He was on the bus, and the light over the door didn’t go on,” she continues with Spanish-accented concern, even in the retelling. “He’s pushing the door, and getting angry, but don’t say anything to the driver. I say to the driver, ‘The door’s not open.’ The light goes on, and he’s so angry.” She shakes her head with deep sorrow. “It’s a beautiful day. I tell him, he needs to be patient. He wants to stay young inside, he wants to stay strong -” she taps her acrylic nails on her purple shirt right over her heart, ” he can’t be like that. He’d missed the train – they’ll be another train.”

Without a pause, she adds “You’ve got eyes – you can see. You’ve got ears – you can smell. The world is good. What do you want to be upset for?” I must not look convinced yet, though I’ve looked nothing but agreeable, as she continues the soliliquy of happiness. “Believe you me, it’s better to let it go. Be Happy. It’s raining? You can feel the rain.” She’s now beaming with joy, just as our train does indeed arrive. We turn to our respective entrances with smiles. She forgot to say it, but believe you me, she wished me a blessed day.


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