Pregnant Cookies, Real Baby

Pregnant Cookies, Real Baby

Pregnant women exist. Pregnant pauses exist. Now, pregnant cookies join their ranks.

In the beginning pregnant women look just like other women, pregnant pauses seem to be just a moment of silence, and pregnant cookies appear like this:


With the passing of time, pregnant women begin to grow a  large belly, that pregnant pause becomes full of meaning, and pregnant cookies show their stuff.

Pregnant women can have a boy or a girl – or both. Pregnant cookies can be reveal themselves to be pink or blue. Folklore has it that if a woman has a pink pregnant cookie, her baby will be a girl. The same old wive’s tale claims that if her pregnant cookie is blue, her baby will be a boy. This is the first cookie Special Correspondent Dena had:

Not pictured is the blue pregnant cookie Special Correspondent Na’ama ate. Na’ama later disproved the folk tale by having a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to all pregnant cookie eaters and their progeny!


Pregnant Cookies by Special Correspondent Dena

“I made cake balls, froze them, and then covered them in cookie dough.  Here is the website I got them from.

I used her cookie dough recipe, but I halved it
Instead of a cake mix, I used this cake recipe, but I quartered it
half of the cookie dough recipe+ quarter of the cake= perfectly enough for 16 cookies.  I used a tablespoon to portion out the cake balls and used just enough cookie dough to cover them.”

2 thoughts on “Pregnant Cookies, Real Baby

  1. I should have taken a picture of a blue one too. oh well, now I need someone else to get prego so I can make them again. Except that this is the world’s most time consuming cookie recipe. The first time I made them I didn’t know what I was in for, so now that I know, I don’t know if I will ever make them again.


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