How Much for the Dress?

How Much for the Dress?

Pricing out wedding dresses makes me cringe. You heard about that girl who got a gorgeous dress off Kleinfeld’s discount rack for under $600? She’s not going to be you – she’s just the anomaly. If you want a dress that looks like it cost an arm and a leg, you better get ready to part with that arm, leg, and possibly a large hunk of cash.

People who make their own dresses don’t seem to come out much ahead. If your mother-in-law, the expert seamstress, makes the dress herself you’ll save a bundle. But you’ll probably eat up all that savings by ordering yards of lace and boxes of tulle, while gloating over all the money you’re saving on the seamstress.  It’s enough to make you close your eyes, let someone else do the heavy lifting, and then borrow their pain-painstakingly selected dress.

The real question is: why would a dress ever cost that much?


One thought on “How Much for the Dress?

  1. Unless you have friends with the exact same taste and body shape as you, borrowing isn’t as easy or as great of a solution as it seems… so basically go find a dress and settle for something you don’t love (if you don’t want to spend a million dollars).

    As I’ve said numerous times, my dress was $300 (or $350 I don’t remember anymore) and alterations were $100… so for a total of $400 I got basically exactly what I wanted and I don’t think my dress looked like crap.

    When it’s time for your wedding, I want to go to shopping with you!!


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