To Be a Moroccan Mother

To Be a Moroccan Mother

A Moroccan mother serves others, not herself. She learns at her mother’s side that family, friends, and guests come before herself.  Her standards of herself are those of her mother and grandmother, unimpinged by reason or modern mores.

When she visits others, she will faint rather than ask for for a cup of water or crust of bread – even in the home of her daughter. In her own home, guests are assaulted with fruit and cakes.  “You’re hungry,” is always a declarative sentence, protesting will do you no good. Resistance by the guest is ignored; salads, fish, and other delicacies are piled on the table until something is tasted. Continued refusal will result in additional food stuffs, inquiries into possible allergies, and worry. Once you have put something – anything – on your plate the Moroccan mother will relax until it’s finished. When you’ve finished your snack, the Moroccan mother knows that you are either preparing to say farewell or waiting for her to refill your plate.

A Moroccan mother doesn’t make suggestions; she issues commands. A Moroccan mother will explain to you how things ought to be – people should be kind and patient and children should be well cared-for. She will never disagree, but she will explain her position at length – asking at intervals for approvals which can’t be denied – until the other party, rightly, agrees.

A Moroccan mother is tough; nothing gets past her. She can keep any secret, including the location of secret military bases. However, if she thinks it helpful to reveal her knowledge she’ll open up and tell all. To be a Moroccan mother is powerful, to get in the way of a Moroccan mother is  foolhardy.

A Moroccan mother also comes with her own salad dressing:

Moroccan Mother Salad Dressing




Pour approximately 1 tsp of salt into a soup spoon, sprinkle pepper over salt just until salt is completely covered. Fill remainder of spoon with oil; mix with fork and pour over salad. For large quantities of salad add another spoonful of oil.



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