The Wedding Report: Bridesmaids

Each bridesmaid has her breaking point.

It’s the dress.

She could take the pressure, she could take the snide remarks, she might have been able to stomach the price, but she couldn’t take the dress. It was the dress itself that sent her into a downward spiral which ended with her on the floor unable to move and unwilling to go forward.

It’s the people.

She could always get along bride, she was friendly with each of the bridesmaids, but as a group she couldn’t stand them. She tried hard to be nice and facilitate the wedding planning – she brought homemade baked goods to each of the bridesmaids’ planning sessions. The end result was pact of silence and a promise, on her part, to never give homemade goodies to the undeserving – especially those bridesmaids who couldn’t be bothered to even attend the bridal shower they’d planned and she’d been coerced into hosting.

It’s the duties.

She could handle the endless phone calls from bossy bridal relatives ordering her to get things she didn’t know existed in convenience stores, she was happy to help the family go to the jewelry shop the night before the wedding to pick out necklaces for all the sisters, but she could not take the hair-and-makeup lady. Straining to keep the smile on her face and keep the bride on time, she did not have the wherewithal to embrace the pancake makeup and  80s hairstyle which the makeup lady had foisted on her. She snapped, but it was too late. In the wedding pictures her big hair covers a head whose makeup, reapplied by her own hand, looks natural and whose smile seems unnaturally bright.

Each bridesmaid has her breaking point; none of them has it easy.


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