The Perfect Present, According to Me

The Perfect Present, According to Me

“What do you like best?” asks my mom, spreading her arms out to encompass the kitchen, or maybe the world. I limit myself to the kitchen and, pausing in putting away the silverware, slowly turn to take in the room.

The oven, dishwasher, sink, and microwave, which are in front of us, are clearly out of the question as potential wedding presents. I have neither the funds nor the back strength to purchase and deliver any of those those. Plus, when  microwaves age they leak toxic waves and I wouldn’t want to expose anyone to that. My mom inventories the kitchen too; noticing the silverware I’m putting away she tells me it was a wedding present. “Randy got it for me; she got married a few months before us, so she really knew what we would need.” My gaze continues to take in our packed kitchen, though I’m now wondering how my mom lucked out with such a great cousin, as my mom gestures to the open cabinet of drinking glasses; “Randy got those  for us too.”

I am still not sure what I should buy for the next day’s bridal shower but, busy figuring if any of my cousins will be as thoughtful as Randy, I am momentarily distracted. I move further into the kitchen toward the snack drawers, wondering if it might be best to purchase a candy platter and call it a day. As I walk past the closed cabinets, I freeze. Inside this cabinet, as I well know, is a set of three pyrex mixing bowls – mixing bowls that make any kitchen job easier. Pyrex mixing bowls are not just any bowls, they’re hard to break – as I know from dropping them repeatedly – , easy to clean, and hold up well with both hot and cold contents.

A quick drive to Bed Bath and Beyond plus $11, and I became the  – albeit briefly –  owner of a set of pyrex mixing bowls.  More importantly, I need never ponder over a bridal shower gift again, for I have chosen the pyrex bowls as my signature gift. To those who would give these bowls as a bridal shower gift, be forewarned:  I declare that, unless unforeseen circumstances intervene, I will come to a bridal shower with a set of pyrex bowls. You will have to continue your search for that elusive perfect gift; I’ve found mine.


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