The Perfect Present, According to Dad

The Perfect Present, According to Dad

“The perfect present is a salad spinner,” says my dad, without hesitation.

I had never considered it as a gift option, and wondered aloud what made it so perfect.

“Everyone needs one.”

I point out that our family does not currently own a salad spinner.

My dad seizes on this point; “Exactly, so I know just how much it’s needed. Plus, it’s fun.”


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Present, According to Dad

  1. I rise here on a point of personal privilege. While I did say that a salad spinner would make a fine gift, my thinking has changed over time. There was a time that I thought that a salad shooter would be a great gift. A specialized food processor that shoots salad. It is hard to believe that this was an actual product. I came to realize that my enthusiasm for this was not universal. Then, I moved on to the salad spinner. Now, I also think a salad bowl would be a good gift. Yes, there is a theme.

  2. A salad bowl is a great gift. I know this because when I went to Shana’s house for Rosh Hashana as a hostess gift I brought a salad bowl and serving spoon and fork set. Is there a way to post a picture here? Its a supercool bowl
    Does that link work? I tried to provide a link to the photo of the bowl and servers for anyone who wants a visual aid. And because looking at pretty things is a great pass-time. By the way,I have a picture of it because sometimes when I shop I send Esther pics of all the things I like so that even though we live in different states its like we are shopping together. Also, notice that the handles of the serving utensils are fishes. Fishes, because it was Rosh Hashanah. And because fish are cool.

  3. Dena, send me the picture and I’ll find a way to show it to the masses. We need to understand what kind of salad bowl we’re dealing with here.

    I too have given a salad bowl as a hostess gift, and three years later I’m still being thanked for it. The real key with salad-bowl giving is that you need to give one that your host will like. Dutch ceramics work for some people, dancing dreidels work for others; as long as you don’t mix the two up you should be invited back with alacrity.


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