The Wedding Report: The Perfect Present

The Wedding Report: The Perfect Present

“It’s no fun,” said my mom

“It’s not nice,” said my dad.

“Don’t get a gift off the registry,” agreed my parents.


Then what do you get the happy couple?


“The perfect present,” they declared, in complete harmony,

“is a breakfast tray-” began my mom,

“is a salad spinner-” my dad explained.


Perhaps there is no perfect present.


10 thoughts on “The Wedding Report: The Perfect Present

  1. I think you should buy off the registry, but if you are decide not to (there are valid reasons such as (1) there is nothing unbought on the registry for under $20, (2) there is no conveniently located BB&B near you, (3) you are already at a HomeGoods/ Marshalls/ Ross/ TJ Maxx and you think screw it, these stores have awesome housewares sections), then the perfect gift is a cake platter. Don’t think you can now go out and buy a pretty glass cake platter, obviously with a pedestal and a cover, and you will have the perfect gift. This is my perfect gift because I am a cake baker and will also put a notecard with my favorite cake recipe in the package and when the bride-to-be opens the gift at the shower I will tell an amusing little anecdote about the frustration of baking a beautiful cake only to have it degraded by having to serve it on dinner plate and having the icing get smushed because I do not have a cake platter with a pedestal and a cover. Get your own perfect gift.

  2. Just some comments on the new blog:
    1. I like the title
    2. But I don’t like how after I post a comment I cant edit it. My grammar mistakes are not only embarrassing for me but also annoying for people who are reading it.
    3. I also don’t like how GoogleReader doesn’t notify me when someone posts a comment.
    4. But mostly I’m just glad the blog is back!

    Also, I just saw the box you can check to be notified when follow-up comments are posted. Its an email notification, not a notification on GoogleReader, but it will suffice.

  3. Dena, I expect a beautiful cake platter for my next gift.. it’s really sad that I need to serve your cakes on regular plates. maybe I’ll go buy one… it’s pretty necessary.

    my favorite thing about the new blog (just because I’m trying to be optimistic)- the tag line under the title “writing for the waitresses”…

    ….though I do miss google reader, a lot.

  4. I don’t miss google reader- I could never figure out how to work it. It’s pretty sad that I’m admitting that, but fine.
    Salad spinner is definitely an awesome idea. But now I kind of want a breakfast tray, so really I’m torn.

  5. Why would anyone want a salad spinner? Am I missing something or are they just for drying your lettuce leaves? Better plan than spinning: when you are making a salad, first wash the lettuce and put the leaves in your dish drainer, then wash and chop the rest of your vegetables. By now your lettuce is just as dry as it would have gotten in a spinner and you have more space in your cabinets for necessary items, like a blender and pans in all different sizes.

    Blenders are great because then you can make smoothies (never throw out old fruit again, when your bananas/berries/plums/mangoes are getting overripe, just peel/wash and chop them and then you have smoothies fixings) and also in the summer you can blend your iced coffee which makes it so much better.

    I already have a blender, but I do need more pans. I really hate disposable (so much waste, the planet is crying, and also things don’t cook as well and as evenly in them). Also, for people who are buying me presents, I have some particularities about my cookware. For metal (pots and pans) I only like Calphalon, for glass I only like Pyrex, and for ceramic I only like Le Crueset. If you arent going to shell out the cash for these brands, thats fine, but I do not want substitutes. Better just buy a serving dish, you can never have too many of those.

    I am surprised by how much I have to say about kitchen items. I’ve written paragraphs already and this is only scratching the surface.

  6. pyrex is really hard to clean. that’s why i need to use disposable pans…

    i love my circulon pots and pans.. they clean up in a flash… though i do wish they had disposable frying pans… that would be helpful.

    the environment is fine… stop worrying about it. plastic and aluminum is amazing….

  7. and i have the best method to dry lettuce (shout-out to my grandmother). She puts lettuce in a pillow case in the refrigerator (once washed) and then it gets dry and crispy all at once! you can wash it the day before or a few hours before and it becomes perfect!

  8. Pyrex is not hard to clean. Use Ajax, it gets all the baked on grease off.

    Don’t use disposable, it is so bad on so many levels. Foil pans are acceptable only for when you are bringing something to someone’s house and then they are better because they are lighter and you don’t have to lug them back home with you. Disposable plates and utensils are acceptable for picnics, sukkot, when you have more guests than you have plates, and school lunches. Otherwise, use real. It is more cost effective and it is less wasteful and it is more pleasant to eat off of a real plate with a real fork and knife. Real are wins all around


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